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Team working for Respondents (Suppliers)

A big RFx will often require multiple people to complete the response. This can be a complex task to schedule and administer.

SupplierSelect provides a workflow system to aid team work in this situation.

Firstly, this feature must be enabled for the current invitation. From the Invitation Details page, click "Options" and select the option to "Enable Workflow". Having done this, you will see a new link in the questionnaire view pages, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Workflow View for answering

"Document View" is the default questionnaire view. "Worflow view" is the newly enabled interface. This shows the questionnaire as a list of tasks - where each question is a task that can move through a workflow process. Questions have one of the following statuses:

  • Not Answered
  • Answered
  • For Approval
  • Rejected
  • Approves
This assumes that users adopt different roles - some are answerers, and some are reviews. Only reviewers can mark an answer as ready for submission. Permissions control which users can save answers, and which can approve. A response can only be submitted when all answers are approved.

Screenshot of Workflow View for answering

  1. Allocate - responsibility for answering a question (or section) is allocated to a user
  2. Answer - write in answers to questions
  3. Submit for Review - the allocated user marks the questions as "For Review"
  4. Approve or Reject- the reviewer decides whether or not the answer is acceptable for submission to the Issuer.
  5. If the answer is rejected, it's status reverts to "unapproved", and reappears in the answerers to do list.