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How do I invite vendors to respond to an RFx?

Posted in Managing Vendor Evaluation Projects, last updated on March 18, 2011

In order to respond to an RFx questionnaire, a supplier or vendor must be invited to access the Project. Each invitation issued to a vendor is called a "Response" in SupplierSelect. Responses enable Suppliers to view and answer SupplierSelect questionnaires. Each Response has a deadline by which the Supplier must submit their Response. By default, this deadline is synchronized with the Project deadline. Vendors must be registered with SupplierSelect before a Response can be created for them. There is a link that can be sent to a Vendor to register on the Add Response page.

For Projects marked "Private", you must explicitly create Responses for each organisation that you wish to respond. For Projects marked "public" it is not necessary to create them. When a Respondent begins to answer a Public project they will self-issue a Response to themselves.