SupplierSelect provides a productive environment for vendors. The more effectively vendors can respond to your RFP, and the more information they provide, the better the resulting evaluation and selection.

  • Self Service - vendors can self register on line, and then manage their own account, adding additional users as required
  • Team Working Tools - vendors can allocate, review and reject/approve questions working as a team.
  • Revision Management - SupplierSelect saves every edit made to every question's answer. So suppliers can view what has changed, when, and by whom.
  • Answer Reuse - in many industries, the same questionnaires are reissued, either by consultants for different clients or by Buyers performing due diligence. In such cases SupplierSelect enables earlier questions to be imported.
  • Notes - suppliers can send messages to their colleagues or to the Buyer.

RFP Respondent Functionality