Managing an RFP with information and communication split across diverse files, emails and hard copies is error prone, time consuming and generally no fun.

The single best thing about SupplierSelect is that it keeps everything to do with your RFP in one place.

  • Questionnaire - any size, nested sections/subsections, all field types
  • Responses - invitations or submitted responses. Invite by picking a pre-registered company, or by email
  • Attachments - Associated either with a full RFP, or linked to specific questions.
  • Messages - A noticeboard tracking all communication related to the project . Both internal and vendor-facing message boards.
  • Event Log - where all significant actions related to this project are recorded. Essential in regulated environments.
  • Rich, Instant Search All information, including attachment content is searchable, grouped by project, user or vendor.

Single Source Of Truth