Scoring Comparisons & Benchmark Issues

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

Re-using the same questionnaires can bring great efficiencies with SupplierSelect. Respondents can import and edit a previous set of responses, and scores are silently copied at the same time. This means that scoring a response become an exercise in exception processing - you only read/score what has changed. But scoring like this can lead to inconsistencies because the comparison is against the project of respondent's choosing (ie the response they imported from). SupplierSelect addresses this problem with a new feature: Benchmark Issues.

Benchmark Issues allow the evaluator to associate a "benchmark" response with any previous response from that respondent ...

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Scoring Vendors' Responses Offline With Excel

Last update on March 12, 2014.

Many evaluators find it convenient to read respondent's answers offline, on paper, noting the scores as they go. Then they need to get the scores back into SupplierSelect. Web pages are not very convenient for data entry of this sort, so we've introduced the ability to key in scores to an Excel spreadsheet which can then be uploaded to SupplierSelect, and the scores saved.

This screenshots show the format of the scoring spreadsheet which can be downloaded from SupplierSelect for offline completion.

Screenshot of Offline Scoring with Excel

This functionality is found under the "Score Offline" link under "Project" in the tree menu on ...

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Redesigned Evaluator's home page

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

A new look home page for Evaluator users is going to be released on SupplierSelect in the next couple of weeks:

Buyer Home Page

Previously, the default page after logging in was the big list of projects. However, we're weren't happy with that for a number of reasons:

  1. Most evaluators work on only one or two projects at the same time - they don't need a huge list of projects every time they login.

  2. Projects go through stages. After all responses are in, users don't want to edit the title or change question text. So we wanted to provide links ...

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Team working for Respondents (Suppliers)

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

A big RFx will often require multiple people to complete the response. This can be a complex task to schedule and administer.

SupplierSelect provides a workflow system to aid team work in this situation.

Firstly, this feature must be enabled for the current invitation. From the Invitation Details page, click "Options" and select the option to "Enable Workflow". Having done this, you will see a new link in the questionnaire view pages, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot of Workflow View for answering

"Document View" is the default questionnaire view. "Worflow view" is the newly enabled interface. This shows the questionnaire as a list of ...

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Multiple Weighting Sets

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

Weightings are used to place a different importance on different questions or sections in a questionnaire. But what happens when there is more than one perspective on what these features are? For example, the Chief Financial Officer might have a different view on the importance of the Pricing section to the Chief Operations Officer, who's more interested in the Performance section.

SupplierSelect addresses this with a little known but very useful feature called multiple weighting sets. This allows you to save a weighting set, assign it a name, and then call it up later when analysing scoring results.

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Software Upgrade - Saturday Night 23rd April

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

One of SupplierSelect's servers will be upgraded this weeked. Expect up to one hour's downtime from 22.00-23.00 on Saturday night.

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