Article on Government Procurement Transparency

Last update on March 14, 2014.

A prominent Procurement industry blog recently contacted SupplierSelect to see if we could contribute an article about public sector procurement transparency and how eSourcing software can help to make procurement processes more transparent. The article has just been published here:

This article refers to the benefits of using eTendering and eRFX software generally, and is not specifically about using SupplierSelect. It draws on some of the lessons we've learnt from working with government organisations in the UK, Canada and especially New Zealand.

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Proposal Writing & Tendering Training - UK

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

SupplierSelect is very excited to have begun working with leading tender consultants, Tony Zemaitis Associates. In addition to help with traditional tenders, they will be offering training and hands-on support for sales teams in e-tendering and electronic RFP management, using SupplierSelect as their training environment. Tony Zemaitis are particularly experienced in working with public sector tenders in the European Union.

SupplierSelect provides a number of features to help Suppliers manage their RFP responses online, and we are delighted that our supplier users will now be able to benefit from training provided by Tony Zemaitis Associates.

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Auto Save RFP Answers

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

Answering a long RFP is a time consuming business. To make life easier for suppliers or vendors responding to RFx questionnaires, SupplierSelect is introducing a new feature which automatically saves answers as they are input, without having to submit a form and wait for the page to reload. This allows users to view a full page of all questions in a section, inputting answers, and having the new information saved each time they move between fields.

Currently, this feature is only available when proposal team Workflow is not enabled. Autosave answering will be integrated with workflow response management in a ...

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eSourcing software in Public Sector Tendering

Last update on March 14, 2014.

This describes some of the ways in which web based software can help public sector organisations comply with common regulations. This article draws upon our experience of working with public sector organisations in Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to provide some ideas for how to use eSourcing and eRFX software in public sector tenders.


Public sector organisations face unusual challenges when evaluating and selecting a vendor for a major contract. By definition, the number of "stakeholders" in a public sector tender is vast - potentially all taxpayers can claim to be an interested party. All these stakeholders want ...

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Easier Ways to Create RFx Questionnaires and Surveys

Last update on March 12, 2014.

Running an RFP / RFx project through SupplierSelect involves evaluating vendors or suppliers through the use of surveys or questionnaires. Building a questionnaire for the first time - designing the questions, creating sections and subsections is perhaps the most time consuming aspect of using SupplierSelect. This article describes some of the features designed to make this process a little easier.

The Questionnaire Tree

The fundamental control for designing questionnaires is the questionnaire tree in edit mode, as seen when the Project is in Draft status. Links at the top of the tree provide functions to create, edit, move and delete questions or ...

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Calculating Total Weighted Scores for RFx Responses

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

Some questions and sections in an RFx survey or questionnaire are more important than others. This relative importance should be reflected when total scores are calculated for the vendors being assessed. SupplierSelect allows evaluators to set weights for both questions and sections, and can then calculate weighted totals using one of two possible scoring formulas.

In SupplierSelect, all questions are scored on the same scale (1-10 by default). Each question is then given a weighting which can be any positive whole number. By default, the weighting for a question is 1. Most questionnaires are organised into a structure of sections ...

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Import Answers by Section

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

SupplierSelect enables respondents to reuse answers to questions by copying them (importing) between different projects. This is a particularly useful feature where similar RFx questionnaires are re-issued to the same group of suppliers.

Previously, it was possible for respondents to import answers from previous projects into a full questionnaire, but not to import section by section.

New functionality released today allows answers to be imported section by section. The Screenshot below shows a Response with Section 1.1 selected:

Screenshot of Importing a Section

Following the "Import Answers" link takes you to the standard Import page where you can select a previous project to import ...

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Integrated Charting

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

New charting functionality has been added to SupplierSelect. This shows a horizontal bar chart which displays weighted scores by respondent for any point within the questionnaire: Section, Sub-Section or Question. If multiple scoring or weighting sets have been configured, these can be picked in the top drop down lists.

These charts can be viewed by selected the "Analysis" tab from the questionnaire browsing pages (reached by selected the questionnaire tree on the right after loading a project).

Screenshot of Charting

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Dynamic Questions

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

Dynamic Questions use a predefined set of "Topics" to generate large questions by repeating question rows for each Topic. To illustrate this feature, suppose your company ships its goods to many countries around the world. You wish to conduct an RFx to evaluate shipping companies. When building the question, you notice that you often need to collect information for each country you ship to:

  • Shipping fees by country

  • Delivery times by country

  • Insurance and indemnification by country

  • Number of deliveries currently sent by country

To take the first example (fees), you could create one question for each country:

Country Questions Screenshot

This is ...

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New Tools For Adjusting Weightings

Last update on Oct. 14, 2013.

Assigning weightings to a complex questionnaire is always a fiddly business. Until now, SupplierSelect provided either very detailed control (over questions), or very high level control (using the graphical percentage tool). With the latest release of SupplierSelect it is possible to edit weightings at any level of the questionnaire.

A new tab has been added to the questionnaire pages inside Project - "Weighting".

Screenshot Showing Weighting

Like other questionnaire pages, this displays information relevant to the position currently selected in the questionnaire tree menu. If you click a section containing question, it lists all the questions in that section, and enables you to either ...

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