RFP Consultants Directory

Find an RFP consultant to work with you on your next project.

Consultants are often involved with RFP, tender, or system selection projects. They may bring specialist knowledge of a specific sector or expertise in running the RFP process.

Because consultants often run similar projects with different clients, SupplierSelect has developed a number of features to help consultants manage RFP projects and collaborate with their clients.

We're building up a directory of such consultants structured by:

Purchase Category
Find consultants with deep knowledge of specific products or services
Client Sector
Some consultants focus on clients in specific industry sectors
Location of the consultant's head office. More specialist consultants tend to work internationally, so this information isn't always relevant.

If you're a consultant and would like to be listed here (or wish to update exsiting details), please contact us at consultants@supplierselect.com

RFP Consultants by Country

Argentina (1) Indonesia (1) Saudi Arabia (3)
Australia (35) Ireland (3) Singapore (3)
Austria (2) Italy (2) Slovenia (1)
Belgium (3) Japan (1) South Africa (11)
Brazil (1) Kenya (1) Spain (2)
Canada (38) Malaysia (2) Sweden (5)
China (1) Netherlands (11) Switzerland (5)
Cyprus (1) New Zealand (10) Thailand (1)
Denmark (5) Nigeria (1) Trinidad and Tobago (1)
Egypt (1) Pakistan (2) Tunisia (1)
Finland (1) Palestinian Territory, Occupied (1) Turkey (12)
France (8) Panama (1) Undefined (19)
Germany (7) Poland (1) United Arab Emirates (5)
Ghana (1) Portugal (1) United Kingdom (178)
Hong Kong (2) Puerto Rico (1) United States (422)
India (17) Romania (1)

Purchase Category:

Client Sector: